So here is a little rant. Not an angry, all-out, shouty kind of rant. More like an observation.

I noticed this thing in FOAM and SMACC – dividing topics in emergency medicine into ‘sexy’ or ‘non-sexy’. And apologizing if talking about ‘non-sexy’ topics.

A list of sexy topics:

  1. Airway
  2. Major trauma
  3. Thoracotomy
  4. Peri-mortem hysterectomy
  5. Combat medicine

Non-sexy topics:

  1. Minors
  2. Observation unit
  3. Clinical governance
  4. Geriatrics

No doubt the first list is more exciting than the second, but ‘sexy’?

When I had to do a surgical airway at six o’clock in the morning, at the end of a grueling night shift, there was absolutely nothing sexy about it. These are invasive, messy interventions, applied to people who are arguably having one of the worst days of their life.

To double-check, I showed my (non-medical) wife the list of ‘sexy’ topics. She doesn’t think they are sexy. Here’s what she considers sexy: Tom Hiddleston in a suit.



So let’s call these things exciting, adrenaline-rushing, critical and potentially life-saving.

And if we are talking about ‘non-sexy’ topics, let’s follow this bit of wisdom: Never apologize.

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