… not too bad, actually, not too bad.

I published a ‘Systematic review of the effectiveness of prehospital critical care following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest’ in the journal Resuscitation. You can get access to the full-text for free until 20th April 2017.

Simon Laing, podcaster extraordinaire featured the review in the April 2017 Papers of the Month podcast at TheResusRoom and allowed me to provide some background information and interpretation. Listen to the podcast here.C8Tz-aUXsAAgVMq

Other than that, data on prehospital care and cardiac arrest is coming in from the South Western Ambulance Trust, North East Ambulance Trust, West Midlands Ambulance Trust and South East Coast Ambulance Trust. About 300 cases of critical care following OHCA are on the database… happy days.

Some great conferences happened, SWEAT 2017 in Devon and the 999 EMS Research Forum in Bristol were amazing. Impressive prehospital research being done across the country, looking at difficult and important questions.

Anyway, I should get back to writing my thesis.

8,000 words done, 72,000 words to go.




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