Sexy Beast

So here is a little rant. Not an angry, all-out, shouty kind of rant. More like an observation. I noticed this thing in FOAM and SMACC - dividing topics in emergency medicine into 'sexy' or 'non-sexy'. And apologizing if talking about 'non-sexy' topics. A list of sexy topics: Airway Major trauma Thoracotomy Peri-mortem hysterectomy Combat medicine Non-sexy…Read more Sexy Beast

Two sides of the coin – heads

While a survival rate of 7.2% after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is disappointingly low, there is something to be said about perspective. Yes, the outcome of prehospital resuscitation for OHCA is frequently an emotional conversation with the patient's family or friends, before resuscitation is discontinued. On the other hand, how does the chain of survival from EMS to…Read more Two sides of the coin – heads